Being Sick Sucks

Over the past few months I have been sick, more than usual. When I have been sick in the past it has been due to something I have ate that didn’t agree with my stomach or food poisoning. Having already been diagnosed with acid reflux, I never thought much about it, take antacids and all is fine.
Maybe about 5 years ago I began to get pain when I ate certain foods that would leave me in agony all night long. It didn’t happen often and I avoided those foods. Life went on normally again for the next few years with mild nausea and upset stomach, maybe an occasional rough night of pain.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had to take prescription medication since I was unable to keep food of any sort down. For months after her birth I was back to normal. Then the real pain began. At first it would happen every few months, then at least once a month.

Since the pain had become for frequent, I began researching the symptoms online. My findings were that I either had crohn or gallbladder issues. I began telling people how I had been feeling and the results seemed to be the same. The next step was finally booking an appointment with my family doctor to get the real diagnosis, which was that I have stones in my gallbladder and will be seeing a specialist about surgery. Sometime in the near future I will hopefully be pain free and eating what I love again.

Since December the pain has been constant, I have almost given up eating to get some sort of relief. To top it off I get the flu, that knocks me on my butt. I have spent the past 2 weeks basically in bed. I feel as though I have missed so much in my daughters life, even though she was around. Thankfully I have a wonderful hubby who did so much while I was down. He took wonderful care of me and our daughter, re arranged the furniture, (it was like I got a brand new living room) played my games for me. He did almost everything that I would have been doing except for a few important things that I am left to do as well as organize my pile of stuff he left for me.

So now that I am feeling better from the flu and am somewhat back to the land of the living, I need to get back to my life and world around me..

Finally my Happy New Year will begin….

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