1970’s TV Show Flashback

1970’s TV Show flashback! If you grew up in the 70’s, you may remember these shows, if you didn’t grow up then, you still may know the shows. Some I actually watched in the 70’s and others I caught later on when they re-ran the shows.

These days you can find almost any old or new TV show online. When you can’t find anything to watch, why not find an oldie that you use to watch as a kid and watch the memories come flooding back. Share our favourite 1970’s show with your child. I do, and she loves some of them, well ones with kids or animals.

1970's TV Show Flashback

1970’s TV Show Flashback

Little House on The Prairie -1974-1983
The Brady Bunch -1969-1974
Charlie’s Angels -1976-1984
CHiPs -1977-1983
BJ and The Bear -1979-1981
Happy Days -1974-1984
Laverne & Shirley -1976-1983
The Facts of Life -1979-1988
Different Strokes -1978-1985
The Love Boat -1977-1986
Three’s Company -1977-1984
Mary Tyler Moore -1970-1977
Rhoda -1974-1978
Welcome Back Carter -1975-1979
WKRP in Cincinnati -1978-1982
The Walton’s -1971-1981
One Day At a Time -1975-1984

If you’re looking for more 1970 shows, go where we have all been before Wikipedia, listed from A-Z.

Did you watch any of these Shows? What are some of your favourite shows from the 1970’s?


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