Learning About My Ancestry

In March of 1955, my father hopped on the Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth ship and traveled to New York from Scotland to join his sister in Toronto. I never met his parents, my grandparents, they passed away long before I was born.
Learning about my Ancestry

Learning about my ancestry brings me closer to people I have never met or I have only seen a few times during my life. My father was the second youngest of 14 brothers and sisters. I remember when I was young he would talk about his family back home as he was telling stories and showing the few pictures he had brought with him.

Learning about my Ancestry

Over the years I was able to meet quite a few of his brothers and sisters, as well as my first cousins during their visits to Canada. While most people grow up with cousins being around the same age, most of mine are about 20 years older than me, it is my second cousins who are close to the age in which I am.

For as long as I can remember, my mother was working on her family tree. All the information she had at the time was in a yellow duo tang. I would pick it up from time to time and go over who was who. My mother was an only child. My grandfather was the oldest of 10 brothers and sisters so there was plenty of cousins in her life growing up in Toronto and Innisfil. I never met my grandfather. My grandmother was only in my life for a short time. When I was around 9 she passed away.

My mother spent time with her aunt and uncles so I was able to get to know some of my grandfathers siblings and am now getting to know some of their children and grandchildren.

My mother continued with creating her family tree over the years and eventually added it to Ancestry for family members to view and contribute to. While working on her family tree, she decided to start my dad’s family tree. Through her doing that, I now have contact, through Facebook with other cousins on my dad’s side of the family, that is expanding every day.

Gramma and Grampa

Both of my parents have passed away now, I am trying to continue with both of the trees. I am still learning how to use Ancestry and work from there. I require more information to update certain branches of the trees but with the help of relatives I am sure I can accomplish the task.

One day I look forward to sharing this part of our family history with my daughter and maybe when I am done she will be able to take over and continue the tree.

Learning About my Ancestry

I am learning about my ancestry everyday. Do you know how the branches of your tree are connected? It is a great learning experience to find out where you come from and how far back in history you can go.

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8 Responses to Learning About My Ancestry

  1. I’m always interested in family history too. My mom was adopted and so was her brother so it’s pretty interesting to try to work it all out. I’m sorry to hear that both of your parents have passed.
    Jennifer (momvstheboys) recently posted…New Product Alert! – Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl CleanerMy Profile

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      Family history is interesting, I find some of the old pics I have, no one really smiled in them.. Thanks, I miss them both! 🙂

  2. Randa @ TBK says:

    I have been working on an ancestry project for the past 6 years (although it’s been stale for the last 3). I have got some things down to the 1400s with my husband.
    Randa @ TBK recently posted…Berries and Cream Parfait #SkinnyGutDietMy Profile

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      It is not an easy task!! I have the 1700’s so far on both sides of my family..but that wasn’t my doing.. I am working on more recent stuff. I am still learning. But I am enjoying doing it.

  3. What a great post! I love researching my ancestors! My MIL has been doing her side of the family! Apparently my DH is a distant relative to Teddy Roosevelt! How cool is that??
    Jennifer Van Huss recently posted…Making #GF @GlutinoFoods Bread: Maple Cranberry Bread #recipeMy Profile

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      that is awesome..Apparently somehow we may be related to Alexander Graham Bell, but I haven’t seen anything!!

  4. I have always wanted to build our family tree. But I keep on reporting it. I need to do it
    ourfamilyworld recently posted…How to Get a Great Picture of Your Child with the Easter BunnyMy Profile

  5. Jenna Em says:

    My husband started a family tree for the kids, but it is far for being filled out. It is a very important tool.
    Jenna Em recently posted…Lego Canada & Disney Junior Canada Magic of Play Tour!My Profile

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