Cute Valentine’s Card Printables

Cute Valentine’s Card Printables for Kids

Get your printer ready for these cute Valentine’s card printables for kids. Two printable sheets with 9 cards per sheet. There will be enough cute cards for all your kid’s classmates.

While not every child will hand out Valentine’s Cards but that’s ok. Just knowing someone took the time to give something special to a classmate or friend will give you a happy heart.

Ready to Print Valentine’s Cards

No searching for the popular store-bought cards.  These ready-made Valentine’s cards have cute owls or bears that kids will just love. Each card has a caring quote that any boy or girl will treasure.

While many kids usually have a favourite character from a game or TV show we can’t buy a bunch of different cards. It can be a bit pricey to buy different packages of branded cards to please everyone.  There are so many different elements that will make the cutest cards for your kid’s classmates.

cute Valentine's cards for kids

Owl and Bear Valentine Printables

Materials Needed:


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need to do is download the cards and print the number of copies you need for the class size.

Owl Be Your Valentine Printable

Cute Valentine's cards for kids

Beary Printable

printable valentine's cards


While not every child will be handing out cards to the students in their class. Some parents skip the cards and bring in other treats like something sweet.

If you are in need of Valentine’s cards then look no further, kids will love these Owl and Bear homemade cards. So go ahead and get some printed off then your kids will be ready for February 14th.

For more fun Valentine’s printables, check out my printables section.


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