Graduation Ideas for All Ages – Socially Distanced

My daughter will be graduating with her classmates of the past 7 years from grade 5 and heading off to a new school in September.  The kids didn’t have kindergarten graduation, (I didn’t either! When did that start?) so they have been looking forward to this one. Currently, there are no in-person activities allowed in schools at the moment. So parents need to make their own plans for their graduating students. Below you will find some graduation ideas for all ages that you can do with family and friends if you are social distancing.Graduation ideas for all ages

Graduation Ideas for All Ages

These ideas will work for all ages but when I started this post it was with grade 5’s in mind. Change it up a little to make it work for you.


It’s not a celebration unless you have decorations all around you. Banners, streamers, yard signs, cake toppers will make for a sparkling day. Start the day off with having some decorations in your child’s room or just outside the bedroom door. Decorate the area you will be celebrating the day in. if you are heading out to enjoy the day, bring some along.

You will find many different assortments of decorations over at Amazon to choose from. Here are a few choices.

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Distanced Photo Shoots

Many schools didn’t have regular school photos so I don’t see there being any graduation photos. If you want photos you will need to take your own. Make it a fun shoot that will be remembered. It wouldn’t be graduation without a cap and gown so make sure to have one on hand.

Take a look and browse what is there. Try to keep the colour to match your class.

For the past year, many students have been learning online from home and I am sure that many are still in their Pajamas. Why not get all dressed up and shine, make a lasting impression.

BBQ/Picnic in the Park

If you are making plans for an outdoor celebration in a picnic area of a park, make sure it is open for the time you plan. Picnic tables are not currently available to use.  Check online often for new updates.

Image by moerschy from Pixabay

We all need to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Having a celebration in a local park is perfect for small families and maybe a few friends who are distanced from us with all the safety precautions. We have a few quiet parks in our neighbourhood that would work perfectly. We don’t have a backyard, only a balcony.

Everyone can bring their own food and drinks and sit a safe distance away from others but close enough for conversation, games and photos and maybe a bit of music. Picnics in the park are the best.

Virtual Event

When all else fails, invite family and friends to join you online to celebrate graduation day. You can use Zoom (only for a short time), Microsoft Meet (free) or use Facebook rooms. Pick a day for the event and send out the invites. You can create your invites using Canva or another app that allows you to make invitations.

Graduation Ideas for All Ags

Hopefully, the schools will have an online virtual ceremony so the students can all see each other one last time before summer. If your school has no plans for a ceremony, parents can make a diploma and someone can announce names and a parent can hand it to their graduate.

Party Snacks

While you won’t be entertaining guests on this day so if your kid is anything like mine she likes to snack all day. Prepare some finger foods and set them out on display for them to snack on throughout the day. Make it easy and simple foods like chicken fingers, pizza bites, veggies and fruit, whatever you and your kid’s favourites may be. Maybe all the friends can pick some food and everyone can prepare the same. It will make you feel like you are in the same room.

Virtual Games

Keep the fun going with some fun games. Bingo, Pictionary, Charades or whatever they choose to do to keep it fun and not get bored. Most of all make it safe and memorable for all.

Image by Farooq Sharif from Pixabay

However you decide to celebrate graduation day, have a fun and amazing day.

Happy Graduation Day!

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