Holiday Themed Gift Tag Printables – Free

This time of the year people are wrapping up gifts for the upcoming holiday season. I designed these holiday themed gift tag printables so you can attach them to your gifts. No need for store-bought if you have a printer. Just print them off and attach them to your wrapped gifts.

holiday themed gift tag printables

Holiday Themed Gift Tag Printables

To have these printables for our gifts, all you need is a printer with colour ink, regular or card stock paper. Once you have printed off the tags, just cut them out and either tape on to the package or punch a hole and add ribbon before attaching.

Holiday Themed Gift Tag Printables

I created these last year but forgot to share

The cute gift tags below are the perfect choice for young kids, so get out the gift wrap, scissors, tape and start wrapping and tagging those presents.

holiday themed gift tag printables

This holiday season will be looking very different from last year for many of us. We will just be 3, so it will be somewhat normal for us. There will be no fun activities to attend.

November is normally a month that we start to attend events and activities around the city. Many of the events were cancelled months ago although there have been ones added like the drive-through light displays. If we get a chance we will definitely be attending.

No matter what you have planned this season, do it safely.

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