Santa Candy Cane Holder

Normally I make my Christmas crafts with clay pots. This year I am using up the overstock of jars because they aren’t just for canning. I make use of all parts, the lid, seal and jar. There are so many things I want to make however this time I’m making a Santa candy cane holder.

This is the time of year I really begin to make my fall and winter crafts. A time to prepare for the seasons ahead and keep busy.

Santa Candy Cane Holder


  • Mason jar or any other jar you have on hand
  • red spray paint
  • electrical tape
  • buttons
  • fake snow
  • red glitter glue

Santa Candy Cane Holder

How to Make

  • evenly coat the outside of the jar and let dry, add a second coat
  • paint red glitter glue over the entire jar and let dry
  • around the top and bottom edge add some glue and roll in the fake snow
  • Add the buttons and tape for the belt
  • fill with candy canes

I have a few more ideas for mason jars, lids and seals I will probably attempt this year. Keep an eye out for new crafts that my family or myself have created.

Do you craft using jars? What have you made?

Check out some more crafts on my jar crafts board on Pinterest.


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