When you experience an upset stomach with vomiting, we usually associate it with a stomach ailment like the flu or food poisoning, we tend to just take the normal measures. When it is associated with severe pain and fever, we need to look at it differently. My husband had many different symptoms but appendicitis wasn’t the first thought, the homemade bread was.

On Monday, I decided to make homemade bread to go with dinner. My hubby wasn’t feeling tired so he was in the bedroom trying to get some sleep. I thought I would surprise him with the aroma of freshly baked bread when he got up.

Of course hubby woke up before I had even finished  making the bread, so it wasn’t going to be a surprise. He left to pick up our daughter from school, came home and went for a nap again. He was just so tired. I continued with the bread and put it in the oven.

He woke up for dinner but didn’t feel like eating at that time. Later in the evening he decided to try the bread I had made, shortly after that he was running to the bathroom. He was fine until he had another piece of bread later on. He never had another piece of bread, but spent the rest of the night very ill, back and forth to the bathroom. By the time the morning came around, he could barely move, so he spent the day in bed.

I don’t like to disturb my hubby when he isn’t feeling well or trying to sleep but today I did, even if he got mad. He just didn’t look right. I brought him water and hoped he would drink it. He was constantly throwing up, pain in his stomach and at one point his face was eat red. He mentioned that he thought it could be his appendix.



I told him that he should probably go to the hospital and have it checked out. He decided to wait and see if he felt better. Which never happened, so on Wednesday morning he took himself to the ER, where he spent the entire day going through a series of tests. Finally, by late evening he called to let me know that he he was scheduled to have a laparoscopical appendectomy to remove his appendix as soon as it could happen. If he had not went when he did, it could have been a worse situation then just surgery.

He was home the next afternoon to recover at home, and by recover I mean do tings he shouldn’t instead of resting. He is just happy to be home with us.

All through this ordeal, I kept thinking it was the bread. The first time I make homemade bread, my hubby gets sick, but it wasn’t the bread it was appendicitis. I can make bread again.

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