Dealing with Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

Have you ever had a sore back? Well, I have and it has been almost 4 years of dealing with chronic back pain. I have complained to my Doctor in the past, but when you visit for more than one issue, it seems that they only focused on the first problem described. I now have a new Doctor and we are looking into the issues that weren’t before. If you are experiencing back almost daily and it last longer than a few months then you probably have chronic back pain. … Continue reading



When you experience an upset stomach with vomiting, we usually associate it with a stomach ailment like the flu or food poisoning, we tend to just take the normal measures. When it is associated with severe pain and fever, we need to look at it differently. My husband had many different symptoms but appendicitis wasn’t the first thought, the homemade bread was. On Monday, I decided to make homemade bread to go with dinner. My hubby wasn’t feeling tired so he was in the bedroom trying to get some sleep. … Continue reading

Being Sick Sucks

Over the past few months I have been sick, more than usual. When I have been sick in the past it has been due to something I have ate that didn’t agree with my stomach or food poisoning. Having already been diagnosed with acid reflux, I never thought much about it, take antacids and all is fine. Maybe about 5 years ago I began to get pain when I ate certain foods that would leave me in agony all night long. It didn’t happen often and I avoided those foods. … Continue reading