Back to School Preparation Tips

It is that time of year again when summer begins to wind down and we begin to prepare our children for back to school. Not only are we preparing our children, but preparing ourselves for the weeks ahead. Getting reading for back to school isn’t just about buying clothes and supplies but about schedules.

During the summer we never followed any schedules unless we had plans for the day. Sleeping in and staying up late occurred often. Well, not for me, I am usually always up early. With only a few weeks until school begins, it is time to get back to routine.

If you were able to keep a regular schedule throughout the summer, that is great! If you didn’t here are a few tips for helping.


Back to School Prep

Bedtimes – Early to bed early to rise, well we hope. Having your child go to bed between 7 and 8 should give them enough time for the multiple times they will need something. When they wake in the morning, have them eat breakfast and dress and get ready for the day.

Meals – try and keep meals and snacks on a regular schedule similar to one they will have when they are at school. Plan ahead quick and easy lunches that are litterless. Put money aside for Pizza or hot dog lunches the school will have throughout the year.

School Supplies

When it comes to school supplies, take an inventory of what is already available at home. It doesn’t have to be new. If it’s reusable, use it. This year we planned to buy our daughter a few new items to replace the old. Just before we began shopping for back to school, we were given a few unexpected surprises like backpacks, books, pencils and more. Put money aside for events and pictures.

Back to School

School Clothes

This is one of the times I go through my daughter’s clothes, I pack up articles of clothing I can donate. When I buy new clothes I tend to buy 1 size bigger so it will last all year long.  While we still have plenty of clothes that fit our daughter, every child wants a new school outfit for the first day and of course something special for picture day. We shop at a few of our favourite stores to get the most of sales.

Are you prepared for back to school? Did you find any great deals that save you money?

Remember to stay calm and make it a stress-free back to school time by preparing ahead of time.



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