Pretty Little Liars -The Mysteries of Rosewood on Netflix

Pretty Little Liars currently on Netflix is a Teen/Young adult drama and book series. The show first aired in June 2008. I had seen it advertised but at the time I was already watching enough shows. I began watching when I was looking for new series to watch on Netflix and became hooked.

Pretty Little Liars - Netflix

The show takes place in the quiet town of Rosewood, a town full of secrets, lies and mysteries surrounding 4 teen girls, Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily. The story begins when Alison, the queen bee has mysteriously disappeared. The girl’s lives begin to fall apart.

Follow the  mystery surrounding Ali’s disappearance, the girls began getting text messages from a mysterious “A,” and quickly realizing this person was out to get them. Tormented by the mystery person who they believe is Alison herself because of numerous shocking revelations that only she would know until her body turned up.

Some episodes have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what will happen next. Just when you think you have it all figured out, it turns opposite of what you think you have solved. Who can you trust? Family, friends, the Police?

Sit back and solve the mystery, tune into Pretty Little Liars  on Netflix and help solve the mysteries of Rosewood.


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