A Zombie Fix with Netflix

I have never really been into shows or movies with Zombies in them. I found them to be boring and gross. Then I heard all the hype about The Walking Dead. I find them still a bit gross, yet they have changed considerably since shows like the Night of the living Dead  and similar ones. I never watched it when it first came on the TV, I waited. When I was looking for a new show to watch with the hubby, I remembered this one and found it on Netflix. We binged watched the first 2 seasons and couldn’t wait for more season so we could get our Zombie Fix.

A Zombie Fix with Netflix 

Are you a fan of Zombies? Do you need a Zombie Fix? Here are some movies and shows on Netflix.

TV Shows

  • The Walking Dead
  • The Returned
  • Santa Clarita Diet *warning don’t eat during the first episode
  • iZombie –next on our list
  • Z Nation -currently watching

Zombie Fix

When we began watching Z Nation about a week ago, we weren’t really sure what to expect. I did see a few recommendations on Facebook and I suggested it as a new show to my husband. We are always trying to find shows that we can both watch together. Usually, I pick the shows and he just watches along with commentary and all. The show was a hit with us and we have been binge watching all week.


I haven’t watched any of these movies below, I don’t know if I plan too.  If you like Zombie movies, you can choose the ones that appeal to you. I prefer the TV shows where there is more to them just a night of zombie attacks.

Zombie Fix

Do you need a Zombie fix? I recommend all of the TV Shows but The Returned or iZombie since I haven’t watched them yet but when I do, I will give my opinion and if you have watched, let me know your thoughts.

Run, it’s an apocalypse of zombies coming at you!

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One Response to A Zombie Fix with Netflix

  1. Lian Wright says:

    This is a great list of zombie-themed shows to watch on Netflix! We love The Walking Dead, and will start to get into the others! Thanks for sharing this list!

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