Blood and Oil – TV Show

Blood and Oil takes place in North Dakota, where the oil industry is starting to boom. It’s not quite like Dallas, but it’s a slick new show. The series premiered back in September and can be seen on ABC on Sunday nights.

Blood and Oil

Billy (Chace Crawford) and Cody move to Rock Springs, North Dakota after the biggest oil discovery in history, where they meet Hap Briggs (Don Johnson), oil tycoon and his family. The Briggs family is well known around town. Carla (Haps 2nd wife, I think) is a socialite and former model, he doesn’t get along with his son Wick, who seems to find trouble and of course there is his illegitimate daughter.

Both Hap and Wick have been sleeping with the same women, and I don’t mean Carla. Jules, the local bar owner, (India de Beaufort) has been bedding both men for sometime. She met Hap years ago and just couldn’t let him go even though he is a married man, but far most she is dating his son.

Cody is beaten up by a man working for Wick, while working, she loses her baby. Billy and Wick join forces to find the one responsible and get into some trouble along the way. More secrets and lies.

Who will bring down Hap Briggs for all his wrong doings? Well it just might be his ex wife Annie Briggs. Looks like she just may give him a good run for his money, a legacy that she helped build. Who learned from who? Who will win the oil war?

The series started it off with a bang. Wick nearly kills his father while robbing Briggs Oil. Murder, mystery and affairs, this show has it all. Cover ups, who done its, keeps me watching each week.

There were originally 13 shows scheduled to air but it has been reduced to 10, which means only a few more episodes before it is done for the season. I hope that Blood and Oil makes it for a second season and is not axed by ABC.

Have you checked out Blood and Oil yet? What do you think?
If you haven’t watched the show, does it sound like one you would like to see?

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