7 Teen Dramas to Binge Watch on Netflix

Teen Dramas

I am a binge watcher. That’s how I like to watch my shows, so when I am looking for a new show, I look for shows with more than one season. I don’t want to wait each week to find out what happens next. I have binged watched all of these 9 teen dramas, and it is possible that I may have watched some of these shows more than once. Sometimes teens don’t always feel they can confide in anyone about what is happening in their lives. The following list of … Continue reading

Nashville On CMT – A New Season January 2017

Nashville on CMT

Back in the spring, it was announced that Nashville was ending.  ABC had cancelled an amazing show again, leaving fans devastated. After seeing the ending, I knew the show would be back.  They had 2 different endings planned. One with closure and one that left us hanging. I was sure either Netflix or CMT would pick it up and it would return. A few months after the finale, it was announced we would see Nashville on CMT. Nashville on CMT The series is set in Nashville, Tennesse, the heart of country … Continue reading

Top 5 Canadian TV Shows to Watch -Binge Canadian Style

Canadian TV Shows to Watch

If you are looking for a Canadian TV shows to watch, I have a few that will keep you watching. One of my favourite actors growing up was a Canadian original in comedy, John Candy. I have seen all of his movies. It would be great if he was still alive to continue his legacy for Canadian TV/Movies. I have talked to a few who like Canadian shows and some who do not, I must admit I wasn’t always fond of Canadian TV until I found these fabulous shows. Canadian … Continue reading

Fall TV – New and Returning Shows 2016/2017

The FALL TV Show list is finally out. Time to see what is new and returning, to a couch near you. Each year shows come and go, what will you be watching this year? This fall I am not sure if I will pick up any new shows. Each August, I look online to decide what I will watch during the fall and winter. There have been a few good shows I picked up, but sadly they never return. I fall for those shows and feel disappointed in late fall … Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars -The Mysteries of Rosewood on Netflix

Pretty Little Liars - Netflix

Pretty Little Liars currently on Netflix is a Teen/Young adult drama and book series. The show first aired in June 2008. I had seen it advertised but at the time I was already watching enough shows. I began watching when I was looking for new series to watch on Netflix and became hooked. The show takes place in the quiet town of Rosewood, a town full of secrets, lies and mysteries surrounding 4 teen girls, Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily. The story begins when Alison, the queen bee has mysteriously disappeared. The girl’s lives begin … Continue reading

Summer TV – After the Season/Series Finales -Bear Picks

Summer TV

As we begin the month of June, all the shows we have watched since September are ending or have already ended for the season, some are even ending forever. With the nice weather comes the outdoors and there isn’t really much time for tv, however, there will be rainy days and days that we just have no energy to do outdoorsy things so we will be indoors watching summer TV or playing games. What to Watch? You have spent the last 7 or 8 months attached to your favourite shows … Continue reading