Elf On the Shelf – Tales and Ideas

When I was a little girl, I remember having an elf like the Elf on The Shelf. He was in green and we just hung it on or around our tree. There was no nightly mischief, no waking up to the unknown.


Last year we decided to start a new tradition with our daughter. At the beginning of December a scout elf from the North Pole appeared in our apartment. When my daughter woke up in the morning and seen the elf, she was so excited, she named her Trixie. A perfect name for an elf who could be naughty with playing tricks.


What could be more fun than tricking your children into behaving because of an elf that comes into your home for the holidays and leaves each night to let Santa know if they were good or bad.

Tales Of Mommyhood has 10 ideas for what Zolly the elf has gotten up to over the years, he has been around their home for a few years now and I am sure there are more stories of the antics of the elf.


Mom vs the Boys has an elf named Jingles, he has been visiting their home for many years. He leaves notes, candy, he is so fun and her boys love him.


If you find the traditional Elf on the Shelf creepy, like Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom but you like the idea, why not find a cute elf and start a new tradition.


Maple Leaf Mommy wasn’t quite ready for the Christmas Season, and certainly wasn’t expecting an elf to show up before the beginning of December, maybe a little closer to mid month. That is hard when you have kids bugging you about Christmas.

MyUnwritten Life was happy to see her elf, Elfie leave. I think my hubby was too, since last year we didn’t do the best job with our elf.

While last year we didn’t keep up with moving Trixie around, this year we are more prepared and a have a list of ideas on the go. Like Zolly and Jingles, our elf Trixie wasn’t that naughty, she played nice for our first year, but who knows, maybe this is the year for much more mischief and a ton of fun with our daughter.

There are many people who find the elf to be a bit creepy, maybe a little disturbed, but we love our elf. You either like the elf or you don’t.

Do you share the tradition of The Elf on the Shelf? What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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