Days of Our Lives – The Summer of Sami

This is the summer of Sami (Brady), on Days of Our Lives. Alison Sweeney has already departed the show and has moved on to other projects (Directing over at General Hospital). Alison has been on the show since 1993.

Since the day we seen Sami sneak back into town as a teenager, she has been giving fans something to talk about. Most fans either love her or hate her. We have watched her grow from a self destructive teenager into a wild and wacky women, scheming and plotting her next story, all in the name of her family.

Sami is always out for Sami, no matter what the consequences. She goes after what she wants; usually men who belong to someone else. (Austin,Lucas,Brandon to name a few) I won’t mention Rafe or EJ, because we all know that was true love. HAHA!

Sami has always been vindictive and out for revenge, although she has mellowed over the years. the mean streak comes out once in awhile. What better way for Alison Sweeney to leave the show than by having her go over the top. If you have been watching, then you know she is totally out of control.

“Hell hath no Fury, like a Women Scorned”, especially if your name is Samantha Gene Brady.

The story line has Sami finding out that her friend and wedding helper Abigail has slept with her fiance EJ, not once but twice and she has the pictures to prove it.

Normally, in this situation, Sami would have gone right after both EJ and Abigail but instead the writers are making the story soar throughout the summer. Sami and Kate, sworn enemies are working together to bring down the DiMeras and anyone else who gets in the way.

Sami seems to be unstoppable in her quest for vengeance against those who have hurt her. Or is She?

Below is a few items that Sami thinks is the best revenge. We all know with Sami, she doesn’t back down and always ends up in trouble.

Told Jennifer about Abigail and EJ
Told Ben about Abigail and EJ
Made Kayla fire Abigail or she wouldn’t help with funding a children’s project
Told Jordan about Kate and Rafe (planned by Kate)

What more can happen to the residents of Salem? Watch Alison shine like never before, as we bid her a farewell.

What will happen to Sami? Will she go to jail, leave town, be killed of or will she e replaced? Since I am big on spoilers I can honestly say I have not read what will happen only speculation on what could possible happen.

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