Fall TV Season – What I Choose to Watch

The Fall season is upon us, which means, heading back to school and a new season of shows, new and old.

I remember when I had cable I would check out the new lineup for fall to find out what night and times the shows I like to watch were on and hope none were on at the same time. now that I watch everything online, it doesn’t matter, I watch my shows when I want on any day I choose.

During the summer months is usually when I start checking to see what shows from last season will be returning and which ones hit the chopping block. I am always disappointed to find out a show I loved to watch will not be returning. This year it was Believe, a show many watched, yet still cut, leaving us guessing on possible endings.

Last season on Dallas we were left watching the Ewings scramble as Southfork begins to burn to the ground, watch August 18th when Dallas returns to find out what happens. I will be watching.

On September 9, Sons of Anarchy returns for its last and final season, although many fans would like it to continue. How will Gemma hide the fact that she killed Tara, will Jax find out and what will he do. Sit back and hold on for the ride of your life into the town of Charming, where anything could happen. 13 episodes just isn’t enough.

Check out TV Guides listings of new and returning shows.

I like to watch TV, yes I am bit of a TV junkie, it is always on. I may not be sitting in front of it but if it is a must see show I will be.

CBS Shows to watch

Criminal Minds
Under The Dome

NBC Shows to watch

Chicago Fire
Chicago P.D.

ABC Shows to watch

Once upon a Time

ABC Family Shows to watch

Switched at Birth
The Fosters
Melissa & Joey
Baby Daddy
Pretty Little Liars

The CWTV Shows to watch

Hart of Dixie

I didn’t list any brand new shows I will be watching, I haven’t seen any I am really interested in. Every time I start a new show it never makes it. If I need more shows to watch, I will find them on Netflix where I can binge watch seasons of shows and check out movies I have never heard of.

Do you watch any of the shows I do? Which shows do you watch? What are you looking forward to most this TV Season?

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