Disneyland -The Happiest Place on Earth

Back in February 2012, I took my 18 month old daughter to California to meet her Aunt for the first time. Weeks before I worried about how she would react to the plane rides. I feared she would be over active and not sit still for the entire trip. Boy was I wrong. She was quiet and peaceful, meaning she slept for most of the plane ride.


My daughter is a fan of Disney Junior, she watches it every day, her favourite is Mickey and Minnie Mouse (meme as she called them). So going to Disneyland was a must for us while in California and to make it even better, we went on my birthday. I was given a Birthday Badge to wear!

We told her on the day we were going that she was going to see Mickey, Minnie and all the Disney princess’. Although she didn’t completely understand where she was going just hearing about who she would see got her all excited. Meme meme, princess, princess.

I dressed her in something comfortable and of course her Minnie Mouse shirt and off we went to Disneyland.

Our journey began as we walked through the gates of “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Watching the pure excitement and joy on my daughters face as she took it all in made it all worthwhile.

The best part for my daughter was seeing Goofy and Minnie Mouse. I was hoping to see some of the Disney Princess’ but there was such a long wait and a very hot day.



We ended our journey on the monorail back to the gates where we began. We were just too tired to walk and my mom was really feeling the heat. I hope to take her back one day when she is older and able to remember more. For now I show her the pictures we took while there.

There are so many different attractions and rides to see, plan it well and decide ahead of time what you want to see the most.

Disneyworld or Disneyland is a must for anyone who has children. I have experienced both as a child and an adult and enjoyed every minute of it.

Have you experienced Disney yet?


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