Snowman Christmas Decor

Snowman Christmas Decor

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for snowmen. I have had a few over the years, some were lost or ended up broken. A few years back I started collecting them again. I didn’t just bring them out at Christmas time, I kept them on my shelves throughout the year.


When you spend as much time as I do on Pinterest, you have ideas running through your head all the time. I had seen some different themed trees but didn’t see any with snowmen. When I began decorating for Christmas last year, I decided that I wanted my tree to have snowmen on it. Turns out, that is all it had except for a few special ones we have for our daughter, a new one each year.

During the holidays I usually remove most of my usual decor and redo the shelves, fireplace and tables around our apartment with snowman decor. Everywhere you look you will see a snowman. While I haven’t quite finished decorating, I will be soon. I just have to add a few more decorations and crafts.

These are only a few of my snowman, I have so many more I have bought or created.

Do you have a theme for holiday decor or do you have a mixture of all things Christmas?

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