Getting Parents Involved – Children’s Education

When we involve ourselves in our children’s education, there will be many benefits. Kid’s tend to achieve better grades, test scores, and attendance. Getting parents involved with school activities and events allows us all to be winners in the educational system.

Getting Parents Involved

How can you become more involved in your children’s education?

As busy parents, it isn’t always easy to find extra time in your schedule for added school events. Sometimes you may think you have nothing to contribute but nothing is too small.


Throughout the school year, there are plenty of things that happen that you will be able to volunteer your time. Class trips, fundraisers, book fairs and events are things that could happen during the school year and will need help or support of some kind. As parents, we should take the time to attend, whether you volunteer or not. Show your children you support the things they want to participate in.

getting parents involved

Scholastic Book Fair

Meet The Teacher

Parent Council

Join your school’s Parent Council. Be the voice for your children and help choose what happens. If you can’t join, attend the monthly meetings and get the information you may require like community health programs, libraries, after school programs and more.

The Council along with the Principal or Community worker (we have one in our school) can arrange speakers, workshops that bring a number of different topics that may include child development and behavioral issues, nutrition and possible ways to help with homework.

Sometimes the best way to get parents in the school door is to feed them. Many like to show up when there is free food. At our school, we offer childcare so the parents are able to attend. We have had many great speakers and an abundance of food and fun.

Poetry Cafe – Featuring Britta B – Spoken Word Artist

Get Social and Stay Connected

If your school is connected online through social channels like Twitter or Facebook, share portions of the evenings so those who can’t attend can follow along. If you attend and choose to share, keep in mind that not all want to have their picture posted online.

Visit your school’s website if they have one and your school board to find all sorts of useful resources and information.

Build relationships with families and continue so that new and returning parents know that it is a school that values and welcomes parent engagement.

I joined the Parent Council and this is my second year as the Parent Chair, I joined so I could follow along with the school to help build the future of our children and to know what is happening with my daughter’s education.

How do you support your children’s education and the community that you are in? How is your school getting parents involved?

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  1. Erika Parker says:

    What lovely motivating ideas,. Everyone benefits!

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