Fresh From the Farm- Healthy School Fundraising

It is the beginning of the school year and our school is starting its first fundraiser. In June, I received approval from the Principal to order Fresh from the Farm fundraising kits. I thought that this would be a perfect way to raise money and give everyone some healthy, farm fresh products.

fresh from the farm

Farm Fresh Ontario – Healthy School Fundraising

Fresh from the Farm: Healthy Fundraising for Ontario Schools

Fresh from the Farm was designed to provide a healthy fundraising alternative to schools by selling Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables. Since 2013, 1165 schools have raised over $1.1 million for school initiatives, selling 2.7 million lb of Ontario produce.

Reasons to Participate

Fresh from the Farm promotes a healthy school environment while providing an opportunity for students to raise money for school initiatives. Not to mention schools keep 40% of the sales. Families will enjoy fresh, Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables.

When schools join, it provides opportunities for students to learn about agri-food and healthy eating. Most of all it supports Ontario farmers and our local economy.

Food Bundles 

Bundle A @ $14.00:

⦁ 3 lb sweet potatoes
⦁ 5 lb white potatoes
⦁ 3 lb yellow onions
⦁ 3 lb carrots

fresh from the farm

Bundle B @ $15.00:
⦁ 8 lb Empire apples

fresh from the farm

How it Works

Schools need to sell 40 bundles in total, so it doesn’t matter if more A bundles are sold than B Bundles. Students sell the bundles before a designated date and return forms and funds to the school. (Money should be submitted daily) The best way for the students to sell the bundles is to family and friends, no need to go door to door.

All orders must be submitted online by October 15th. Our school will have a deadline of October 12th, which is a Friday. Deliveries are made from November to December and then volunteers will help sort the bags for delivery to the customers on that day.

As a family, we support our local farmers. We shop at the local farmer’s markets and purchase Ontario products in the grocery stores.

Has your school participated in getting farm fresh produce into the school? This will be our first year so I am hoping that it will be a hit that will continue in the future.

Visit Fresh from the Farm for more information or to enroll your school in the program.

Getting parents involved really makes a difference in your children’s education.


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