Boost Your Motivation – Anxiety and Depression

Motivation is a complex concept for many people. In spite of having big dreams or wanting to accomplish a specific goal, taking the steps necessary to reach the end results can seem impossible. Sometimes just finishing a tiny amount feels like all you can do. Wipe the idea of accomplishing anything greater, right off the list. This is strikingly true if you suffer from anxiety or depression. These mental health conditions zap the energy, happiness and will from your body. You may find yourself unable to accomplish even the basics of day to day living, let alone going above and beyond. You may need to boost your motivation to help.

I am not a medical professional or therapist of any sort. I am just an average mom, dealing with anxiety and depression. These are ways I find help me move forward each day.

Boost your Motivation

Boost Your Motivation

Have been diagnosed with any of these issues, or feel that you may be dealing with them? The most important aspect of overcoming their toxic effects is to seek help. Therapy and medication have shown to be effective in treating anxiety and depression. These powerful segments may not be enough to move you toward your goals. However, there are some ideas you can take to increase your motivation even when anxious or depressed. Read on for some concrete ways to help you move past survival mode and boost your motivation.

Do It For Family

While personal goals generally need to come from within in order to be meaningful, anxiety and depression can make bearing any kind of feelings difficult, it simply may not be something you can rally right now. One way to “bluff” yourself into becoming motivated is to think of ways your goal may benefit others. Those around you are in need of your care. Whether it’s a child or even a pet, the desire to complete the basic necessities for those you love may be enough motivation for now. This approach can be applied to other aspects of your life too. While it shouldn’t be a long-term solution, it can sometimes be enough to get you moving and lead to fueling further motivation.

boost your motivation

Delegate Tasks

Delegating your most-dreaded tasks to someone else may be effective for those dealing with anxiety. Many anxiety sufferers fear talking on the phone or speaking in public. If possible, request that a significant other or friend make important phone calls on your behalf. As for speaking in public, I am learning to do it in small doses. You don’t have to put yourself through unnecessary stress in every situation. Some things can be outsourced in order to make everything else more manageable. If finances allow, you can pay professionals to bear certain loads for you. Otherwise, some creativity may be in order. The relief you’ll feel is worth the initial expense required to generate creative outsourcing solutions.

Fun and Easy First

Many experts may recommend that you tackle the tough or tiresome items on your list first in order to get them out of the way. The idea is that you’ll feel more accomplished, and finishing the rest of your project or goal will be easier. When you have depression or anxiety, this approach is unrealistic. Depending on the severity of your condition, simply making any forward movement on a task is asking a lot of you. Therefore, turn the advice upside down and start with the easiest part first. Another way to look at things is to do the absolute bare minimum or smallest part first. Once you’ve conjured up the motivation to just get started in some way, continuing on will be a more likely promise of hope.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

If you were helping a friend in your situation, you’d likely have all the kindness in the world for them. Offering words of encouragement for the small achievements your friend made and be there to take up some slack when they’re feeling unable. In order to plant motivation, you absolutely must show yourself this same level of compassion. Praise yourself for every small accomplishment. This can be taking a break to watch your favorite show or purchasing a simple box of chocolate. Just praising yourself for your efforts can be effective. At the same time, be sure not to punish yourself for faults. Focus on what you were able to get done or remind yourself that you are currently facing some obstacles and you’re doing your best. Negative self-talk is self-destructive and kills motivation.

Adding these steps to your daily routine can significantly increase your motivation, despite anxiety and depression. Your mental health issues are a challenge, but they don’t need to be the end of your dreams.

How do you boost your motivation?

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  1. Esther Diaz says:

    Thank you for sharing all of these. It really helps to focus more on what I should be focusing instead of overthinking. Anyways, love it. Cheers!

  2. Worth the read. Thank you for sharing this, just what I needed. Cheers!

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