GMO vs ORGANIC – Please Don’t Tell Me What to Eat

There will always be a debate in the food industry. Who is right and who is wrong on the food we eat, all depends on what you believe. Please don’t push your beliefs on others, let them make the choice for themselves. GMO vs Organic is highly talked about for food choices in today’s society. The choice is purely your own, however, there are many misinformations and half truth’s about what is really in our food. I am only trying to show there is more information out there.

Farmers, the government and science are not out to harm us, if they were, would they not be harming their own families and themselves?  Who would really do something like that? It is all a marketing scheme to get us to spend money on things we don;t really need. Pretty much everything is a chemical, including Dihydrogen monoxide which is also known as water. Big terms mean toxic, or some would have you believe.

When it comes to my child, I give her what she likes and she likes a variety of foods including many fruits and vegetables from a conventional farm, not an organic farm. That doesn’t mean she is banned from chocolate, chips or pop, she has it in moderation, just like any other food. Check out some of her litterless lunches. My daughter is 6-years old, I explained what farming was all about from crops to animals and beyond. I did not scare her, I told her the truth as I see it and that she can choose what she feels is right. She chooses to believe the science and ag community.

I have listened to people tell me, my child or anyone who will listen, what we should and shouldn’t eat. I follow my own instincts of skepticism in the natural world.

GMO vs Organic


The debate between them is that there are toxins in the GMO food and none in Organic food. This simply isn’t true. Check out these 5 Natural Toxins here. While I believe that most of us get our food from the old way of conventional farming, there are many who will only eat organic or non-GMO.

  • Organic crops are grown from organic seeds without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering. Natural pesticides are primarily used with a limited number of approved synthetic substances allowed when natural methods are failing.
  •  Conventional farms are larger and grow a single type of high-yield crop. using synthetic pesticides. More food is produced with less land to ensure a more bountiful and less expensive food.
  •  Agricultural biotechnology (GMO) uses traditional breeding methods and genetic engineering to make changes to improve plants or animals.  It can make insect control and weed management safer and easier as well as protect crops against disease.

GMO vs Organic

GMO vs Organic – The Science

Have you heard about GMO’s? Many people don’t understand the process, all they know is what they have been told. They are full of chemicals, they are unsafe, the government is hiding the truth. Brands are now putting a Non-GMO label on food products, even though there are only 9 GMO foods. It is all about the marketing and scaring people into believing and buying more expensive products.

To truly understand how all food has been modified, whether, in nature or another route, you should check out this handy chart over at Science 2.0 from Kevin M. Folta. He is very knowledgeable and is great at explaining the process of using different types of DNA modification. Learn more about transgenic and mutation breeding.

If we aren’t eating organic, we aren’t eating healthy, well so I hear.  Oh, organic crops are supposed to have more nutrients and be pesticide free. Well, again that is not true. Check out the following pesticide use in Canada and pesticide use in the U.S.

When I purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, I want them to stay fresh longer. I don’t want to waste money because they have gone bad before eating them all up. Just like farmers, they want their crops to survive until it is time for harvesting them. Visit a farm and buy local.

It’s all about the Science and knowing the facts and not the fictions. Think logically and think for yourself, life isn’t a conspiracy unless you let it be.

7 Trusted Sources

Kavin Senapathy


Learn GMO

GMO Answers

Kevin M. Folta

Burnbrae Farms

National Institute of food & Agriculture

7 Untrusted Sources

Natural News

David Wolfe

Food Babe

Gweneth Paltrow

Dirty Dozen

Dr. Oz

Real Farmacy

Have a look at some of the information that the trusted sources supply. I just want others to know that there is more information to view and learn from. I can’t agree with people who are self-proclaimed medical advisors and view themselves as experts when they are not. If you need more trusted sites to get information from there are 100 featured over at AgDaily from Farm Babe.

When it comes to GMO vs Organic, it is fear driven and not actually the true facts.  I follow science because it has the fact-based and reviewed documentation that I want before I come to any conclusion or decision. Would I change my mind? Probably not. After all these years of eating what is deemed bad for me, I am fine.

Remember, not all news sites are trustworthy. If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.

Please don’t tell me what to eat, I already know, thanks!


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4 Responses to GMO vs ORGANIC – Please Don’t Tell Me What to Eat

  1. Mommy Outside says:

    We are so incredibly lucky to have the privilege of walking into a store full of food choices, all of them safe. People tend to forget that. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with organic but there is little to no benefit either. All of the food that hits the shelves must meet strict safety guidelines, period. Organic, conventional, GMO, it doesn’t matter. When we let people falsely believe that conventional food is sub-par then we limit their healthy choices because organic comes at a premium that many people can’t afford. And quite frankly I’d rather eat the conventional berries shipped over from Ontario then the organic ones that have made their way here from New Zealand anyways.

    As for GMO, well it’s a breeding technique. I don’t care if my corn is GM anymore than I care if my tomato is a hybrid or my ruby red grapefruit is a radiation mutant (it is). Decades of research tells us that none of these breeding techniques results in a product that is not perfectly safe to consume.

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      thanks for the comment. Oh, we love ruby red grapefruits. Aren’t we all genetically modified? No one seems to think about that. People will believe what they want no matter how many facts are presented to them. I have seen people gloat in statuses about how they have planted seeds in others to sway them to their side of thinking, one mind at a time.(This has to do with vegans, who are animal activists) but that is an entirely different story. I plan on visiting local farms and to show the truth about how animals are treated and not the rantings of these activists who cover the truth for their own agenda.

  2. Aeryn Lynne says:

    ROFL on the idea of Paltrow being a trusted source for food “science”. 😆

    I agree with you. I’ve never blinked twice when buying a “non-organic” fruit/veg.

    That term “organic” drives me insane, btw. ALL fruit/veg is organic. Heck, *we’re* organic. :/

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      Paltrow doesn’t even know what she is talking about, she is just trying to sell people the crap she has and puts places those things just shouldn’t go. lol
      Most people believe that organic is pesticide free and believe that. Can’t wait for the Weston Farmers Market to open andLawrence Market I think it is coming up soon. Closer then the St.Market, but we do love going there too.

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