GMO vs ORGANIC – Please Don’t Tell Me What to Eat

There will always be a debate in the food industry. Who is right and who is wrong on the food we eat, all depends on what you believe. Please don’t push your beliefs on others, let them make the choice for themselves. GMO vs Organic is highly talked about for food choices in today’s society. The choice is purely your own, however, there are many misinformations and half truth’s about what is really in our food. I am only trying to show there is more information out there. Farmers, the government … Continue reading

OZ Naturals – Skin Science Serum Review

I recently had the opportunity to try Oz Naturals The Professional Anti Aging Serum and Professional Moisturizing Serum. I wanted my skin to feel young and youthful again, not old and sagging. So I began a 2 week test on how well the serum worked. Professional Anti Aging Serum Protects skin from the environment Stimulates collagen creation Hydrates and moisturizes skin Naturally lifts and firms