Haunted Ontario – Spooked by Ghosts

Halloween is just around the corner, what would be more fun than checking out a real haunted house or building near you in Haunted Ontario spots.

Have you ever seen a ghost or visited a place that is known to have ghosts or spirits? While I haven’t been to any spooky places, I have heard ghosts, whispering in the night, at a house that I was told had spirits.

While I was a bit skeptical about sleeping in a house that possibly has some sort of spirit floating around, never knowing when they may appear. I couldn’t let that bother me, I stayed, I survived, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” I had to sleep after all, I couldn’t be spooked by ghosts.


The first time I heard the whispers, I wasn’t sure if I was hearing right. I had just woken up through the night and didn’t have a clear head. Awake, listening, trying to tell if it was real or in my head. I lay there listening, for what seemed like hours, finally, I decided, there was no one outside, I am in the country, the voices are coming from outside the bedroom door. There was no movement, I just lay there in bed until the spirits left.

There are many places in Ontario that have been labelled haunted. Would you visit one?

If you said yes, well here are a few around Ontario that have ghosts, day or night. Why not spend this Halloween visiting one.

Haunted in Ontario

Albion Falls, Hamilton

Jane Riley’s spirit has been seen at the falls, since her suicide in 1915, some tourists have observed her fatal fall repetitiously. Also ghostly voices, of Riley herself, even speaking to some folks.


Fort George, Niagara on the Lake

Headquarters for a division of the British Army, during the war of 1812 and by the 1820’s it had nearly fallen apart. During the 1930’s it was rebuilt to resemble its original state since the reconstruction, spirits have been seen and voices have been heard.


Old Fort Erie, Fort Erie

Paranormal activity reports include apparitional former soldiers (both American and British) are seen throughout this fort on the ramparts and in the grounds surrounding this fort. Sounds of battle including cannon and musket fire as well as men screaming orders has been heard by visitors, disembodied voices throughout this fort and grounds.


Chateau Laurier, Ottawa

Charles Melville Hays,(Grand Trunk Railway) one of the sinking RMS Titanic victims, haunts this hotel. He never saw it come to completion. He is seen and heard by guests and staff members throughout this hotel near the Charles Melville Hays Memorial suite is located.


Kingston Penitentiary, Kingston

In 1897 a prisoner named George Hewell was killed by a guard he was attacking, in order to save his own life. Hewell swore revenge on his killer. Since then, he has been seen many times.


More Haunted Ontario

Many Haunting’s around Canada have been shown on the TV Show Creepy Canada from 2002-2006. This reminds me of another freaky night in another house. One time I was watching a Haunting in Georgia, when all of a sudden the oven timer went off and I just about hit the roof.There I hadn’t been any out of the ordinary stories about that house, so ya, it was a bit freaky!

Find more places that are Haunted in Ontario locations Haunted in Ontario
Live in another province, have no fear, you may find a place on this list of Haunted in Canada

If you dare to take a frightening walk during the Halloween season, here are some Haunted Walks to visit.

What will you be doing this Halloween that is haunting?

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  1. Sandy says:

    Great post! Reminds me of going on the Haunted Walk in Ottawa. Geez! I had no idea about the Chateau Laurier! Interesting!
    Sandy recently posted…Ontario Public School Student Vaccinations: What You Need To KnowMy Profile

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