Mia and Me: Adventure and Magic to Free the Unicorns

Are you ready to go on a magical adventure with Mia and Me?

Who doesn’t dream of a land filled with unicorns, dragons, elves and pans? Mia does, and so does my daughter. My 4 year old loves Mia and Me and the fun they have travelling through a portal to the land of Centopia.

Mia and Me

Like all other fantasies and fairytales there is evil. This time it is the Queen Panthea who wants to capture all the unicorns in the kingdom to keep herself young. Prince Mo leads the elves into a fight to stop her.

Tune in to Mia and Me to find out how Mia bounces between school and her life as a fairytale elf. Can Centopia be saved from Queen Panthea.

Each night after dinner we put on the Wii to watch season one on Netflix Canada.

Join in on the adventures and help Mia ward off the Queen and her powers.

Does your child watch Mia and Me? Head over to Mia and Me online for some extra added fun. My daughter enjoys hours of Mia between the show and her favourite Kindle app Mia and Me- Free the Unicorns that can be found on Amazon or the Google play store.

Mia and Me

I am so happy that my child has found a show she loves more than Sponge Bob, a show I will watch with her and share her love of unicorns. We are currently looking for a “real” one, the next pet my daughter has asked for.

If you know where the the unicorns roam, let me know, I can’t find my way through the portal, maybe I will in Season 2, which should be out soon. I will have to gain more magical powers from Mia and the unicorns.

I would recommend Mia and Me to those with young children, it really keeps their imaginations flowing. This is ne show that is a must watch in my house.

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5 Responses to Mia and Me: Adventure and Magic to Free the Unicorns

  1. All you’d have to say is ‘unicorns’ and you’ve got my girls interest. We’ll have to check this out, though I’m sure they’ve already found it! πŸ˜‰
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…The Dynamics of Twin PlayMy Profile

  2. I have been hearing a lot about this show lately and I really think my little guy would love it! He is totally into fantasy stuff <3
    Suzanne Rudge recently posted…#Win $50 PayPal or Amazon GC! #Giveaway Open World Wide!!My Profile

  3. Vanessa says:

    I can’t confess to being much of a unicorn fan but I can’t imagine travel and life without Netflix. Right now I’m obsessed with rewatching Orange is the New Black, which I think is kinda magical but definitely not family friendly!

  4. paula schuck says:

    I have never heard of this series. Sounds really cute!! I will look for it when my niece comes to visit. My kids are too old for unicorns now BUT they would have loved this series back when they were little. LOL at the thought of your DD asking for a live unicorn.
    paula schuck recently posted…Ring Ring Pick Up the Phone – Cell Phones and Teens – The SequelMy Profile

  5. Stephanie Keeping says:

    This sounds like something that the kid I babysit would love. (she love’s unicorns!)

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