Nashville Series – Cancelled by ABC

Millions of viewers around the world are upset with ABC and sad to see a favourite show like Nashville go to TV heaven.

If you are a fan of the Nashville  Series, like I am, then I am sure you have heard that ABC, again has cancelled a well-watched TV series to make room for new shows that will probably be axed before the first season is through.

I have been listening to country music since I was a child. It was the music my parents listened too, as well as a close friend. If you enjoy country music, then you will definitely love Nashville. A few years back when it first began, I started watching and was hooked after the first episode.


Nashville Series

What do you do when you are Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) Queen of country music and your new album isn’t taking off? You listen to your record label, who suggests that you open for Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), the young and sexy best selling singer of  country pop. Yep, and that’s when things go wrong, especially with secrets and lies from the past.

Deacon Clayborne (hottie alert) guitarist and recovering alcoholic, is a long time family friend of Rayna’s, he has been with her since the beginning and it turns out he has a daughter (Maddie) he was never told about until years later. Yep, he finds out and disaster follows.

Sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella, portray Rayna’s daughter’s, Maddie and Daphne, who just happen to sing with the sweetest voices I have heard, oh and if that isn’t enough, they are from Oshawa, Ontario. Pure Canadian talent, living the life in Tennesse.

Each week, each season brings on the edge of your seat drama with sex, scandal, romance. and great music, 4 seasons is just not going to cut it for the fans. I am so tired of shows ending in the middle of a dramatic storyline that leaves us wondering. ABC is famous for this. The fans want Nashville to stay, we want another network, perhaps Netflix to bring it back, even if only to finish off the show with the end in mind, don’t leave us hanging.


Did you watch the show? If not, does it sound like a show you could pick up knowing you may never see a proper ending? I seriously do recommend the Nashville Series  when looking for shows to watch. It is well worth the time.

If you are wondering if a show you watch has been cancelled, you can view a list here.


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2 Responses to Nashville Series – Cancelled by ABC

  1. Leeanne c says:

    I watched Nashville every Wednesday it was the show I made sure I had recorded and watched every week. I was so disappointed with ABC for cancelling this show. Also for the cliff hanger that to be honest was their only way to end the series. As a Nashville fan I’m disappointed. I would like to see more seasons. I truly do hope that Netflix does take it over as it deserves a better ending then what ABC gave.

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      Oh I was so disappointed in the finale that after the show I did some google searches, they had 2 endings, one where Avery and Juliette reunite and the one we saw. Apparently they are trying to find another channel to pick it up. That is why we had that ending.. Possible the way Netflix is picking up old shows.. I hope it returns, it was my fave.

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