Q-107 Toronto’s Rock since May 1977

When I was about 8 years old, I remember listening to the radio on my parent’s hi-fi. (an all one stereo that played record (LP) and 8 tracks.) One day I was bored with the AM stations and decided to see what FM was all about. I moved the dial around until I found music and when the music stopped, I heard the station’s name; Q-107 Toronto’s Rock, and I have been listening ever since.

While Q-107 is my most tuned in radio station, I do occasionally like to switch it up a bit and change stations, depending on my mood.  It’s ok, we just won’t tell them.


During the 1980s, I would wake up to hearing Chicken Man -bok bokbokbok during the morning show, listened to Sunday night Sex with Sue and of course my all time favourite, Psychedelic Psunday, where I was able to listen to music from the 1960s and 1970s, the best part of waking up Sundays. They may have lost me for a bit when Howard Stern was on, I could only take so much of him.


Listening to the Mighty Q all these years has given me an appreciation for music, and to make the experience even brighter, there has been a load of fabulous “On Air” talent, with humour, great stories and the love of music.

Memorable Q-107 Toronto’s Rock Personalities

Scruff Connors

Jesse Dylan

Gene Valaitis

Joey Vendetta,

Brother Jake Edwards,

John Derringer – Derringer in the morning – weekdays from 6am – 10am.

Bill Carroll

The Iceman (Bob Segarini),

Lee “Beef” Eckley

Rory O’Shea

Andy Frost- Frost at Night 7-9pm weeknights and Psychedelic Psunday noon – 6pm

Rory O’Shea

Jon “Gonzo” Mark

Howard “Hungryman” Cogan

Steve Anthony

Dusty Shannon

Kristy Knight

Joanne Wilder – weekdays 10am- 3pm

Kim Mitchell

Alex Hindmarch

Maureen Holloway – The Mo Show – weekdays 3pm-7pm

For a current listing of shows and personalities visit here


Not only do they play the music I love to listen to, but they have some pretty awesome contests. concerts and events. I have attended a few over the years, and many I would like to attend. Partying with the Q is always a blast.


Thanks for keeping us entertained for 39 years from dusk to dawn.

Do you listen to Q-107 Toronto’s Rock? Who is your favourite personality?




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