A Summer Fling with Ford Flex – On the Road around Ontario

We just began the month of June which means school’s almost finished for the summer and have we got some planning to do. During the first week of July, we are starting our vacation with a Summer Fling. We haven’t met the fella yet, but I hear he is a comfy travel companion, seats up to six with a spacious storage area for all our travelling needs.

Summer Fling

It has been quite awhile since we hit the highway and were off on an adventurous road trip.  We would love to travel around Ontario and visit the different cities and towns our province has to offer. We don’t often get out of the city since we haven’t had a car in a few years.

The last road trip that I drove my own vehicle was in 2009 with my Ford Escort. Yes, I am familiar with Ford. It was a great little car until the struts went. Since then I haven’t had a car for road trips. We are planning a road trip the first week of July when our Summer Fling with a Ford Flex begins, thanks to Ford Canada.

Summer Fling

We began the planning by pulling up a map of Ontario online to see what directions we want to take on the road. Since I will be the only driver we didn’t want to travel to far but far enough for stops along the way.

So the planning begins. Where will the Ford Flex take us to? What adventures will we have?  The one thing I do know is that the Flex will live up to my expectations.

We will be making our trips as cost friendly as possible. Like most, we are on a budget, so we will be using some of the road trip tips from Common Cents Mom , who will be joining us on the road to Grand Bend.

Now the big decision is, do we take the highway or take the longer more scenic route.

Possible Summer Fling Locations

Niagara Falls

Haliburton Wolf Centre 

Blue Mountain

Wasaga Beach

Websters Falls


Grand Bend (Lambton Shores)

St Jacobs Market

Kawartha Lakes


If you had a week off in the summer to go on a road trip, where would you go? What would you be driving?

Follow along with our adventure and find out all about our Summer fling with Ford Flex.

See you on the road in July.

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