Persimmon – (Persimon) Exotic Fruit of Spain

I recently had the opportunity to try a fruit I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. Persimmon (Persimon) is a fruit grown in Ribera del Xúquer near Valencia in Spain. A fruit that is ready  to eat, with a sweetness, similar to that of a mango and can be found in grocery stores like Metro, Sobey’s and even Food Basics, but don`t wait to long to try this delicious fruit, it is only around from October until January.


I was given a few recipes to give me ideas on what I could make. We decided to go with the Pork Chops and Persimon Chutney.  It was an easy and simple recipe to follow and dinner was ready in under an hour.

Persimmon I wasn’t really sure how dinner was going to go, since my hubby is picky and doesn’t really eat foods like salsas or fruity sauces. Dinner turned out to be a hit, so much, that I made a persimmon puree for our chicken the next night. (similar to to chutney recipe)

I think the only item missing from these tasty meals was a scrumptous dessert. I love to bake and my favourite dessert to make is no bake cheesecake. I think a persimmon cinnamon chessecake would be a perfect way to finish off the few I have left. Watch for the recipe, coming soon.

Find out more with PersimonSays

Have you tried Persimmon?  Is this exotic fruit something you would try?

** All ingredients were purchased with a gift card provided**

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