Photographers -Doing it Your Way

As a parent I am always trying to capture every special moment I can of my daughter growing up. I take hundreds of photos, some good some bad, but they are my moments and I am creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to Family portraits, Santa or a Special occasion photo, we tend to look  more to the Professionals.  So we begin by checking out the well known studios like Sears Portrait Canada or Walmart Portraits. Having a photo shoot done at a studio is a wise choice for standard photos with a variety of backgrounds to choose from for all occasion. I have had many taken at studios that I just love.

When I think of a Family portrait, I don’t think of it as us all sitting and posing. I see it as us being in our own environment, be it at home, the park, or anywhere we all feel comfortable.

Holidays are coming and Photographers and Studios are extremely busy at this time of the year, why not have a photographer come to you and get the best natural shots possible.

I recently had the opportunity to have that done with a new photographer Lori Pelley.  Lori Pelley Photography met my family at a location of our choice to take some Family photos and to capture some shots of my daughter for her portfolio. My daughter does not like to stay still for too long so this was the chance to catch her enjoying the freedom of running around.

Another new photographer I would recommend would be Loretta Meyer, from her fabulous portfolio and great eye for catching those rare moments, Check out her work at  Click. Click. Boom! Photography.

Lower rates for their NEW talent. Check them out!! Don’t delay booking an appointment for that special occasion. You can’t go wrong with either one. The choice is always yours! Remember these photographers Do It Your way.

Photographers are Violent People…first they frame you….then they shoot you….then they hang you on the wall..


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2 Responses to Photographers -Doing it Your Way

  1. Lori Pelley says:

    I was given the opportunity to photograph your lovely family and I enjoyed every moment of it. Miss M, gave me quite the challenge of photographing her face, since I spent my time running behind her, but you know what, that is what little kids do and as a new photographer, I have to learn to go with it. In the end I hope you like the photo’s I did snap, and you will give me another chance again in the future to photograph the growth of your beautiful family.


    • mamabear says:

      We had a great time too!! For sure you will be taking more!! Yes my darling daughter likes to do things her way..hardly ever looking at the camera, I am sure that will eventually change and you will be able to capture more of her face!!

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