ShesConnected Conference 2012 -I’m Attending

In August I entered a giveaway to the ShesConnected Conference 2012, a conference I really wanted to attend but could not afford to go this year. So I entered. I filled in the form and began my daily tweets and sharing. One morning I woke to the best email ever. I was going to be attending and I could bring someone with me.

Lets just say that I am a bit nervous to be attending one of the most talked about conferences for Women in Digital Media . I’m not a shy person so I shouldn’t really have any problems connecting with other Bloggers and Brands.

With a great line up of sessions/speakers, my struggle has been deciding which ones to attend, that will give me a better understanding of the blogging world and help me move ahead. I hope I made the right choices.

I look forward to the learning, the fun (80’s and Shades of Grey) and getting to know some of my fellow bloggers who’s Blogs I read daily. See you all on Friday.

Have you attended a conference before? What are your views?

Watch for my post on what it was like to attend a ShesConnected Conference.



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