Potty Training

How do we as parents know when the right time to begin the steps of potty training? Is there an age, maybe signs to tell us, or do we seek the advise or help from other parents.

In the past year there have been many times when I thought it would be a good time to start potty training my daughter. I have a potty and a seat for the bathroom toilet. At about 20 months my daughter began began telling me that she went pee, I would check her diaper and found that she had each time. I brought out the potty and explained to her that when she had to pee, to let mama know and she could go on the potty. That didn’t work out so well. The potty became part of her collection of toys, storing small ones in the pot. This was not the right time.

At 24 months, I decided to try pull ups to see how that would go. It was a little confusing and frustrating for her. We didn’t last long on them and were back to regular diaper’s.

Over the past few weeks I have been asking my daughter to let me know when she has to go. This is working, however she lets me know after she goes. So I have been using quite a few diaper’s as she wants it changed as soon as her diaper gets soiled, diaper’s and wipes are brought to mama and I am asked to change the diaper.

Since I don’t have carpets I have left the diaper off of her, she will go over and sit on it and pretend (facial expressions are quite comical). Then she will get up and play for a bit. After awhile she will go over to the potty, but before she reaches it, she leaves a little puddle on the floor. For me this is progress. The next is to just get her to sit down and go.

Potty training is my main goal this year for my daughter, she turns 3 in August and I am hoping that she will be fully trained by then.

If your child is potty trained or you are just starting, what are some tricks that you have tried and found effective?

What can I do differently to make this a success?

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