For the Love of Wolves

We grow up reading stories like Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs all which have a main character of a wolf. So begins the fear of the big bad wolf for most little children. We fear the wolf because we hear it in a story from our parents, a teacher, someone older, someone who should know.

As a child I read those stories. I also learned to love wolves and not fear them. Why would a child learn to love an animal that we are made to believe is scary and harmful? Education, that is how. The school I attended took us on many different trips to many different places. One trip, we visited Springwater Provincial Park to learn about nature and wildlife.

Since we had been learning about the animals of the forests, I was most excited about seeing the animals that they kept there. These animals live and have been brought to the park because of injuries they have had in the wilderness or their daily living was affected  by humans in a drastic way. Therefore, they cannot be released into the wild and require human care.

Seeing the wolves that they had there, asking questions, reading the information posted about them, gave me a better understanding of this misunderstood animal.

The truth is, wolves are not evil beasts that hunt man. In fact, there is no record of a man, woman or child being attacked by a healthy, wild wolf in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. That does not mean that wolves are not dangerous animals.  They are wild animals, and if provoked, can hurt you, though given their highly fearful nature, that is not very likely.

Coexistence between wolves and humans is possible only when there is no conflict between their ways of life.

Conflict arises when humans begin to produce their own food instead of hunting wild animals and gathering plants. Wolves have no choice but to continue their way of life, but now they may find their prey limited except for the near by farm animals.

This is an instance when the image of wolves are changed in some humans, from a beautiful and courageous hunter to a dangerous predator. This is when the wolf becomes the hunted.

Wild Life Reserves like the Wolf Centre in Haliburton, Ontario was created for research and education of wolves. A place we can go learn and observe these beautiful and precious animals. I can’t wait to share my love of wolves with my 2 year old, who can already identify between a wolf and a dog.

Is it right for humans to take it upon themselves and cut a hole in 2 fences and allow five out of the nine wolves escape. Well on January 1, 2013, a story unfolded and that is what happened at Haliburton Wild Life Reserve  A senseless act that has left the Alpha Male and Female dead, and three of their pups left wandering around scared and frightened in a world they are unaccustomed to.

The Wolf Centre is a compound made up of 15 acres of land for the wolves to live on.  Are these animals not territorial?  Were they not living in an established territory made for them to grow and adapt to? What harm did the wolves do to anyone? These wolves have done no wrong, yet harm was brought to them.

What if someone took your pet, because it barked too much, attacked the mail man, or just because you didn’t like it, and let it loose to run wild in the streets. Would it not be helpless out there with speeding cars,buses and other local wildlife. Is there a difference? Probably not!

People need to be aware of the facts, not the ramblings of activists who feel that these animals should be released back into the wild, and left to be hunted by crazy people who fear their loves and livestock are in danger of an animal that is more timid and scared of humans.

I hope and pray that the remaining wolves are able to rejoin the pack inside with out any more harm from the outside world and that the people responsible will eventually be found and be punished.

There are so many ways for us to Educate ourselves on Wolves and other Wild Life, like the reserve, books, the Internet. All animals wild or tame are natures children. They all deserve to live a long life, no matter where their homes are, just like our own children.

How do you feel about Wolves, what is your opinion on this situation? Remember this is only mine!


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