Potty Training – Let’s Try again

Back in January I first wrote about potty training my daughter. I really wanted her to be trained by the time she was 3. Today is her birthday, we are not fully potty trained but a much better start then before. I continued to try but didn’t force it, with my child and I am sure others, you can’t force something they do not want to do. We had talks why it would be good to go on the potty, I tried bribing her with lollipops and other favourite candies … Continue reading

Potty Training

How do we as parents know when the right time to begin the steps of potty training? Is there an age, maybe signs to tell us, or do we seek the advise or help from other parents. In the past year there have been many times when I thought it would be a good time to start potty training my daughter. I have a potty and a seat for the bathroom toilet. At about 20 months my daughter began began telling me that she went pee, I would check her … Continue reading