Fairy Garden in a Dresser Drawer

I have wanted to create a Fairy garden for some time now. They look so pretty and fun. I looked at pictures and prices and decided that I would create my own, one that is unique to me and not one everyone has already.

I began searching Pinterest for ideas and finally decided on my Fairy garden. I did it all on a budget with items from the dollar store or from my craft cupboard.

Fairy Garden Materials

fairy garden

Popsicle Sticks  (3 pkg of 100)



accessories of your choice

dresser drawer or a large flower pot

rocks and gems

clay pots

a small bag of dirt

small plants

This project went pretty quickly after I asked my hubby to make me a few items with popsicle sticks. I gave him a few ideas however he had his own, so I let him go with it. Once he finished creating the house, I painted it with the colours I wanted and added a few embellishments. Hubby continued with his popsicle stick designs.

fairy garden

Before beginning to put the garden together, I needed to decide how I would arrange it in the drawer. After a few different designs, I finally decided on one and began to create my fairy garden.

Fairy Garden

I continued by lining the drawer with a garbage bag and taping it all around and filled it with my small bag of dirt. I put my design together in the dresser drawer.

Fairy Garden

I was able to find a few small plants and will add a few more for filling in the empty spaces, keeping the focus on the Fairy house, which I want to keep the main focal point.

 Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

While I intended to keep my garden inside, I think for the summer I will keep it on the balcony as part of my Balcony Oasis.

Fairy Garden Final

If you are looking for me over the summer, I will be on my balcony enjoying my garden and view.

Happy gardening!

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