Build a Snowman Colouring Page Printable

It’s almost winter and the snow will soon arrive here in Toronto and around Canada. My favourite thing to do in the winter is to build a snowman. On those not so bone-chilling days we like to get outside with our daughter to enjoy the fun of winter. On those cold days when we are stuck inside and we start hearing the song, I’m bored, over and over. This Snowman colouring page printable I created is perfect to keep them busy for a few minutes.

Snowman Colouring Page

I am a bit of a Snowman fanatic. My Christmas tree and decorations are almost all a chilly man made of snow. When it isn’t Christmas time, some of my snowmen are displayed on shelves. Some I just can’t keep hidden in a box all year long.

Since we live in an apartment building there isn’t usually a spot that we can use. Building one in the park is a possibility but not one we can enjoy by looking out the window.



Building a snowman usually requires snow, for this indoor colouring page, all you need is use pencil crayons, crayons or markers in the colours of your choice and you can build your snowman,.

Snow Man Colouring page

To get the Build a Snowman printable, right-click the above picture or click the link above.

My daughter’s favourite season is winter, so we spend a bit of time outdoors on those mild days throwing snowballs around and making snow angels. She loves to draw and colour and is excited to try out the printables I have created on a day when she is bored.

What are your favourite things about winter? Do you like to colour?

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