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Summer is here and this year we decided to send our daughter to summer camp for 9 weeks. Our summer fun plans are in August. She will be attending Spider’s Web Summer camp. a registered non-profit organization, Believe to Achieve that was created by Spider Jones.

We are familiar with the program since she has been attending their after-school program during the school year. It also happens to be very close to home. The program is free to attend but parents pay for the activities.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer camp starts at 9 am daily and finishes at 4 pm.  Meals and snacks are provided although I do send our daughter with her own snack since she doesn’t always eat what is provided.

There is a no bully policy and those who are caught are suspended for a day.

There are approximately 10 staff members and each one takes care of a group of children. The groups are made up of all different ages.

Summer Camp Activities – July

Each week there is a different theme and has activities to go along with it and usually has an offsite adventure. The first month includes a water, nature and Hollywood themes.

The camp visits a local pool 2 days out of the week.

  • Skyzone
  • Wet n Wild
  • High Park
  • Movie at Cineplex

Summer Camp

On the days that they are not off on an adventure, they are on site playing games or heading to local parks and more.

We haven’t received a schedule for August yet, but I know there is a trip planned for Niagara Falls. We will also be taking her out of camp for a week so we can go on vacation for some beach birthday fun.

My daughter has been having a great time and is excited to go every day. She is happy to making new friends and spending time with some of the kids from school, who she would be missing otherwise.

This summer is our daughter’s first time attending summer camp and we will be sending her again next year. It will give her a chance to learn and grow as an individual while having fun with kids her age.

Do you send your kids to camp and do they enjoy it?  If you don’t send your kids to camp and are looking to keep cool this summer you can check out this list of splash pads around the GTA.

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