Summer TV – After the Season/Series Finales -Bear Picks

As we begin the month of June, all the shows we have watched since September are ending or have already ended for the season, some are even ending forever. With the nice weather comes the outdoors and there isn’t really much time for tv, however, there will be rainy days and days that we just have no energy to do outdoorsy things so we will be indoors watching summer TV or playing games.

Summer TV

What to Watch?

You have spent the last 7 or 8 months attached to your favourite shows and are wondering what shows you should be watching next, look no further, I have been there. I start a show and can end them just as quick, but certain shows I just can’t stop viewing. Here are a few for the adults and a few for the kids.

Summer TV – Mama Bear’s Picks


House of Lies


Drop Dead Diva


Orange is the New Black

The Foster’s

Summer TV

When I can’t decide on a new show, I fall back on shows I grew up with, like Happy Days, Who’s the Boss,  and Three’s Company. There are so many to choose from for online, the viewing possibilities are endless. My daughter seems to enjoy my choices in the older shows and has been watching The Brady Bunch. Finally shows that aren’t cartoons.

Summer TV – Baby Bear’s Picks

Mako Mermaids – An H20 Adventure

Full House/ Fuller House

My Little Pony

Monster High

Paw Patrol

Well, these are her picks for this post, she could change her mind at any time.

All of these shows can be found on Netflix as well you can find more choices  with 2015 picks or Quirky Shows

We binge watch all our shows, so we are always looking for new shows to stream. What would you recommend?

Happy Summer! Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can and some of these shows when you can’t.



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