Summer Reading – 5 Science Books for Kids

My daughter has decided that she wants to learn more about science. We will be venturing over to the library to choose some books for her summer reading.

Science is a part of life and without it, I wouldn’t be able to write this post from a laptop. We love to learn about inventions and how things are made. We spend time watching fun science experiments on YouTube, so we can try them out ourselves.

Summer Reading

During the school year, my daughter took an interest in science. We attended the Science Rendevous in Toronto and even had a NASA Scientist from Langley, speak to her school through video and all the students who attended received a certificate.

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading

Science needs to be explained in a fun way for most kids to learn and understand the concept.  If it is too technical, a child may not want to continue.  Knowing your child’s interests will make the book choices easier.

My daughter is interested in space, planets, animals and nature, to name a few. This is where we will begin.

During the school year, my daughter would come home and say some sort of nonsense and ask if it was true or not. She is already questioning what other children say and talk about. I want her to have the knowledge of finding the right information through books, teachers and myself.

While we haven’t read any of the listed books, we will be taking a look at some over the summer and continuing on through the year.

Although there are many books to choose from, we thought that these science books would be a good start for us as a family.

What is on your child’s summer reading list?

Add some fun science experiments to your list of things to do this summer and on those rainy days, snuggle up on the couch with these kid shows on Netflix.

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