Summer Reading – 5 Science Books for Kids

Summer Reading

My daughter has decided that she wants to learn more about science. We will be venturing over to the library to choose some books for her summer reading. Science is a part of life and without it, I wouldn’t be able to write this post from a laptop. We love to learn about inventions and how things are made. We spend time watching fun science experiments on YouTube, so we can try them out ourselves. During the school year, my daughter took an interest in science. We attended the Science Rendevous … Continue reading

My Dinosaur Egg Hunt – Personalized Book

My Dinosaur Egg Hunt

We are big fans of personalized books, I had one when I was a child and now, my daughter has her own, not just one but a few personalized gifts, including My Night Before Christmas and My Dinosaur Egg Hunt, which will be part of her Easter basket. My Dinosaur Egg Hunt In this personalized book, authored and illustrated by children’s book veteran Bob Barner, your child becomes a paleontologist on the hunt for fossilized dinosaur eggs. Young readers will delight in learning about different dinosaurs and their eggs found … Continue reading

Personalized Children’s Books and Gifts – I See Me! – Review and Giveaway Can/US

personalized children's books and gifts

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we decided to give her a name that was unique in the spelling, Madisen and not Madison. We didn’t really think about personalized gifts at the time, but once she was born and we wanted to get her something, we realized that anything with her name on it would have to be custom made, by myself or someone else.   Custom Personalized Children’s Books and Gifts from I See Me   I See Me has a wide variety of gifts like Lunchboxes, Puzzles, … Continue reading

Childhood Books – Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew


I don’ know at what age I began reading, I do however remember the books I loved to read. I have 2 favourite childhood book series that I would spend hours reading, trying to finish a book, so I could move on to the next. Christmas and birthdays, always brought me a new book in one of my series. I read them over and over again growing up. I had them stored in a box for years, until I gave them away to a relative, after all her parents had … Continue reading