Childhood Books – Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew

I don’ know at what age I began reading, I do however remember the books I loved to read. I have 2 favourite childhood book series that I would spend hours reading, trying to finish a book, so I could move on to the next.

Christmas and birthdays, always brought me a new book in one of my series. I read them over and over again growing up. I had them stored in a box for years, until I gave them away to a relative, after all her parents had given me many in the series. I wish I still had them to give to my daughter.


Although I read many different series, here are my 2 favourite childhood books, that I had read more than once.

Trixie Belden – Julie Cambell Tatham / Kathryn Kenny

Trixie is a 13 year old girl, who lives on Crabapple Farm, a family home for generations. Honey Wheeler becomes her best friend, when she moves in next door. Soon they are traveling around the area solving mysteries, by jumping to conclusions and that sometimes have the police baffled. Each book brings a new adventure of mystery and suspense.

Nancy Drew – Carolyn Keene

Nancy is a teenage amateur detective, a high school graduate who sleuths around trying to solve mysteries. Her father is a lawyer and she lost her mother at an earlier age. She has found many cases on her own, however some have been cases of her fathers. She travels to different places and cities in order to solve her cases.

This was the beginning of endless nights, staying up late reading. How could I put the books down until I reached the end and unsolved the mysteries with the characters in the books. As I grew, so did my book collection, many of which I still have today.


Did you read any of these books? What were your favourites as a young child?

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