That Time My Daughter Walked into a Bar

A few weeks ago we went out as a family, for a walk on a Friday night and to do a bit of shopping. We happened to pass by the Club in which we play darts at. We walked over to say hello to those outside we knew.

My daughter is quite friendly for a 3 year old and enjoys being around people and chatting. It always begins with Hi, who are you and it continues on with her having a conversation with who ever seems to be around. She is very entertaining.

As we stood outside chatting with friends and watching are daughter, she began making her rounds with the 6 or 7 people who were outside and made her way back to the entrance of the bar. A women approached the door and was stopped by my child who began her usual set of questions, which were soon answered and then the women proceeded to head inside. I watched my daughter casually follow her inside.

My hubby was closest to the door and was pretty much behind her. He found she had made her way to a table of people and made herself at home in a chair, talking away, while people wondered “who was this kid”.

There was a party going on and if there is one thing my daughter loves is a party. However, it was a private party and she was not invited. The tears fell when she had to leave, she didn’t get to dance.

A few minutes later we were all saying goodbye and she was happy again. That was the time my daughter walked into the bar.


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