Potty Training – Let’s Try again

Back in January I first wrote about potty training my daughter. I really wanted her to be trained by the time she was 3. Today is her birthday, we are not fully potty trained but a much better start then before.

I continued to try but didn’t force it, with my child and I am sure others, you can’t force something they do not want to do. We had talks why it would be good to go on the potty, I tried bribing her with lollipops and other favourite candies to which all failed. So I decided to continue to talk with her and wait until she was ready.

One night while browsing apps for my our Kindle, I found an app for Potty Training that had her favourite Sesame Street character; Elmo! She played with the app constantly since the install (2 week ago). She began telling me she couldn’t sit down because she needed a bum change. It was time to try again and pull out the potty.


Wearing a pull up or diaper didn’t seem to work, she would go in it and then tell me so I decided that I would just keep her diaper off like before while sitting in the house. The firsts few days I would constantly ask her to try and go. She would sit on the potty and say it’s not working in a frustrated voice. She didn’t have to go. So I would just continue reminding her that if she had to go, to please go on the potty. It worked, she would jump up off the couch and run to the potty each time she had to go and sit down. The highlight of her going is for us to take the potty to the big toilet to dump, flush and rinse.

I may not have reached my goal of having her trained by the age of 3 but starting at 3 is just as good. We are well on our way to being diaper free. Finally!

Have you potty trained yet? What was your experience like?


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