The Walking Dead – Not the Usual Zombie Show

Over the years I have seen so many posts on a Sunday night on who was tuning in to watch The Walking Dead. I never bothered to check it out since I wasn’t into Zombie shows or movies. If you are not into the Zombie movies, I would definitely check out this show. You may actually find that you like it.

This past summer my hubby and I decided to start watching The Walking Dead on Netflix and became instantly hooked. We watched every episode of every season and then had to wait a month to catch the brand new season, that started last week. What a wait.
The walking Dead
The Walking Dead is not the usual zombie show. It is about a group of people living in the aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse looking for a safe place to find shelter. Each day brings new challenges and the struggles to survive the insanity that comes with the “walkers”. (as they are called on the show) Fighting off the dead, coping with predators; the other surviving humans.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Did you like zombie shows before you started?

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