A Zombie Fix with Netflix

Zombie Fix

I have never really been into shows or movies with Zombies in them. I found them to be boring and gross. Then I heard all the hype about The Walking Dead. I find them still a bit gross, yet they have changed considerably since shows like the Night of the living Dead  and similar ones. I never watched it when it first came on the TV, I waited. When I was looking for a new show to watch with the hubby, I remembered this one and found it on Netflix. … Continue reading

Historical Fictionalized TV Shows – Reign

I have recently started watching a series that is one of many, historical Fictionalized TV shows. While the stories seem to follow the facts to a certain extent, the writers have added in non truths to make the series a bit more interesting. Some characters on the show may not have actually been part of history. One of the Historical Fictionalized TV shows that we chose to watch was Reign. Reign dates back to about 1557 and tells the tale of a young Mary, Queen of Scots early days living … Continue reading


With Turboflix you have more choices of shows to watch. Check out Turboflix to see over 5000 more titles for your Netflix experience. I have been streaming more movies all week long with my trial and am enjoying a variety of more shows then I normally would with my regular Netflix. To find out more click the picture below and enjoy your own free trial.

The Shield

The shield

Over the summer we decided to pick a show that we could watch when our daughter was asleep and having a Netflix account, we have many choices to choose from. We decided on The Shield, created by Shawn Ryan and Kurt Sutter as (Sons Of Anarchy), one of many Executive producers for show, an FX original show. The Shield is about an experimental division of the Los Angeles Police Department, a group of detectives called the Strike Team, a four-man anti-gang unit based on the LAPD’s real-life Rampart Division CRASH … Continue reading

The Walking Dead – Not the Usual Zombie Show

The walking Dead

Over the years I have seen so many posts on a Sunday night on who was tuning in to watch The Walking Dead. I never bothered to check it out since I wasn’t into Zombie shows or movies. If you are not into the Zombie movies, I would definitely check out this show. You may actually find that you like it. This past summer my hubby and I decided to start watching The Walking Dead on Netflix and became instantly hooked. We watched every episode of every season and then … Continue reading