$25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway CAN only

Since moving into our new apartment, I find myself at Walmart more than I usually would. Why would I do that? Well not only is it 5 minutes away at the mall next to my building but I love to shop at Walmart. I am not particularly fond of the one by me. It doesn’t have the items I need, although it does have some items that I want. I eventually make it to the next closest one. For those who love to shop, what better way to start the … Continue reading

For the Love of Wolves

We grow up reading stories like Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs all which have a main character of a wolf. So begins the fear of the big bad wolf for most little children. We fear the wolf because we hear it in a story from our parents, a teacher, someone older, someone who should know. As a child I read those stories. I also learned to love wolves and not fear them. Why would a child learn to love an animal that we are made to … Continue reading