Elf on The Shelf Ideas and Printable List

It’s only a few more weeks until December 1, the day when our elf Trixie returns for another visit. If you are just starting the tradition, now is the time to prepare with some Elf on The Shelf Ideas to get you started.

Trixie has been visiting us since 2014. Each year since her first visit, my daughter gets so excited and can’t wait for her arrival.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on The Shelf Ideas and Printable List

I often struggle to come up with ideas of things Trixie can to do to make it fun and exciting for our daughter. Below there is a printable that you can print off and write down the ideas you see and may want to use. Write them down in any order and once you execute that idea, strike it off your list.

Remember to start with a note announcing your Elf’s arrival and a goodbye note on the night of departure.


Elf on the Shelf ideas

Elf On Shelf

Just right click on the image or click the link to download and print for your use.

Not So Naughty Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Our elf is pretty tame and doesn’t seem to get into too much mischief. Trixie likes to hide around the apartment for our daughter to find each morning.

Last year we ordered a few outfits for Trixie and added them into the mix.

Elf on The Shelf Ideas

If you touch your Elf, it could lose the magic it uses to return to the North Pole each night. My daughter always wants to hold Trixie but she knows that she can’t. Last year we let her take her to school for the day. We put her in a bottle and she carried her around at school the entire day.

If you need more ideas, check out Simple Elf on The Shelf Ideas or Elf on The Shelf – Tales and Ideas.

On December 24, Trixie returns to the North Pole. It is an emotional time for our daughter, who never wants her elf to leave. We allow her to hold her and spend the night cuddling for in the morning she will be gone for another year. We found that this works and because we have a bunch of different elves, she isn’t as sad when Trixie leaves.

Enjoy your holiday traditions and all the fun memories they bring to you and your children.


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