A Simple Christmas

Have you thought about having a simple Christmas? A holiday season without the stress, without going all out on decorations, events, and gifts. Consider celebrating a much simpler Christmas this year. By scaling back, you just might find more joy this season. As an added bonus, when you keep things simple, you have a lot more time to enjoy everything this special time of the year has to offer. You don’t need to empty your bank account to make it special.

A Simple Christmas

A Simple Christmas

When I think back on Christmases past, I see a pile of presents under the tree. Christmas was always a big celebration.  It was always fun to make the garland out of construction paper and other handmade ornaments to help decorate the house. We want to show our daughter the true meaning of the holiday and that it is not all about the gifts we get but how we show kindness to all.

During the month of December go out looking at the lights, play board games, bake cookies, and sing Christmas Carols are a few things that only take up your time, but that time makes precious memories. I love creating handmade gifts that come from the heart and cuts back on extra spending. Those simple Christmases will stand out in your mind.

A Simple Christmas

This year we have been making an effort to keep it simple, and I’d like to invite you to give it a try too. We are only buying our usually yearly ornaments for our tree. No new decorations, I have enough for now and that does 2 trees and a few table tops. The house is less cluttered and the decorations that are up stand out. As an added bonus it’s easier to clean and it will be much quicker to put away everything come January.

We’ve chosen a handful of activities and events around Toronto that I know we’ll enjoy or have already. The rest of the time will be spent as a family, baking cookies, crafting, and watching our favorite holiday movies.

Simple Christmas

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train


When it comes to presents, you can implement the four gift rule. Each person will receive a total of four presents. One will gift will be something each really wants(the big gift). The second one will be something needed, the third something to wear, and the fourth something to read. We live in a small apartment and I don’t need unnecessary toys under my feet, donating what is no longer played with along with gently used clothing that no longer fits. We buy what is needed throughout the year so a big pile of presents is not needed.

Have you ever done a simple Christmas before? How do you enjoy a stress-free and more meaningful holiday season? It’s not about what you receive, it is about the memories you make. With only a short time left before Christmas, this is the time to sit back and enjoy your time with family at home. Make the most of less, during this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Lian says:

    We try not to go too far out for Christmas. Gifts are mostly about the kids, but we also stress the importance of giving to others to them as well.

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