Styled for Summer with Giant Tiger #ForYouForLess

In April, I attended an event with Giant Tiger. I was able to check out first hand the new lines of women’s fashion and knew once I visited the store I would be Styled for Summer.

Fashion That Fits

I had been to Giant Tiger many times before, usually when I was out of town and the stores were everywhere. I was so happy when stores arrived in Toronto. Although I wasn’t always able to find clothes in my size, I did find some sort of deal.

I need an entire wardrobe makeover, nothing seems to fit anymore, going into my dresser or closet is a stressful time. I pull everything out, try items on and discard in a pile and move on to the next outfit. I am usually left wearing something that isn’t suited to where I am going, or it just isn’t comfortable. I emptied out some drawers, removed clothes from the hangers and purged 4 bags.

Styled for Summer

Styled for Summer

When I visited the store a few weeks back, I had purchased some items to wear at the BConnected Conference I was attending the following week. Although I didn’t wear the dress, I did where the grey top and have a few times since I bought it. The material is soft to the touch and feels great on.

Styled for summer

This past weekend I headed out again for a mini shopping spree, thanks to Giant Tiger. Entering the store is always pure fashion heaven, especially for those on a budget. There were so many sales on the day I went, it was hard to decide what I wanted to buy, even though I had been browsing online for a few days. I filled up my cart with more than I intended to buy and headed towards the change room with my family. After trying on the items in my cart I had finally decided what to buy.

Styled for Summer

Bras, tanks, shorts, oh my!!

Styled for Summer

It feels good to get dressed now, even if I am only sitting at home. If you have had trouble finding comfortable clothes and are in need of a new style makeover, visit Giant Tiger and get styled for summer. I am heading back next weekend to use the $10 coupons I received on my visit.

Styled for Summer

Giant Tiger has been giving us low Canadian prices for 55 years.

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